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Proposed new master plan presentation

Click the link above to see the Golf Course Concept



March 23, 2024

Please see attached information for the 2024 Hillcrest Golf Club AGM

Please RSVP if you will be in attendance

Please note, we will be voting on the motion to accept our proposed master plan at this meeting

See you all there!


Jasmine Cameron

General Manager

Hillcrest Golf Club

P: 306-693-1921

C: 306-631-7556

Click to view the following:  1)  Notice of 2024 AGM        2)  2024 AGM Agenda       3)  2024 AGM Call for Nominations

March 11, 2024

Dear Members,


It's been a long winter going back and forth with Les Furber/GDS Designs updating the 1986 Master Plan and we are now ready to share you what we have come up with. The Board of Directors would like to invite you to a town hall event March 20th @ 7pm at the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Campus (parking available in the Sask Str.W/Algoma lot).


Back in November, we were given  two initial plans from GDS Designs after Les and his assistant Tim visited the Hillcrest in October. Committee meetings were called with four of our leagues/members (Sr Men’s, Ladies, Men’s Night and Corporates) to offer feedback on the designs. Around forty members joined us for the discussions and helped audit some of the suggested changes brought forward. Preferred hole layouts from the different plans, examining the best flow for the play, and specifics on where the range should go were all topics that were thoroughly discussed during our committee meetings. All of the recommendations were brought to the board and then forwarded on to GDS Designs to update the old master plan to its current iteration.


We would like to share with you the updated master plan that will give us a road map for any capital projects for years to come. The plan was designed to keep a lot of the bones from the original design, while updating it to the modern game. Once construction is completed, we will be able to reduce maintenance & water costs, have an updated irrigation system that will last us another 35+ years, and create better flow on our golf course during busy times. The beauty of this plan is that we can have nearly 18 holes, albeit some with temp greens, throughout this entire process.


This town hall event will be the final time to discuss at length all of these proposed changes. The final plan will be presented at the Annual General Meeting on April 10th. There will be a brief presentation on the plans with a motion to follow – all those in attendance will vote on the motion to pass the new master plan or decline.  Please note, if you have any questions or concerns, bring them to this meeting on March 20th as this will be the final time to discuss the adoption of the updated master plan.


If you wish to have the PDF copies of the two different maps of the golf course (master plans) to look at please email Jas @ The first one is simply the layout with all the changes. The other one is much the same, just with the phases colour coded to give you a better idea how the work would get done. Please write down any questions that you may have to talk about in a few weeks time. We understand that there may be some of you out of town and if that is the case, write down your thoughts or concerns and send them to Jas via email so your voice can be heard.


We look forward to seeing you at Saskatchewan Polytechnic at 7pm on March 20th. We will have A/V on site, along with microphones and speaking stations to help the conversation along and provide optimal discussion on the master plan!


**Please RSVP to Jas – if you are planning on attending


Please feel free to forward this information on to those who you feel might be interested, your golfing groups, leagues and anyone who may want input.


Board President,


Chris Knoop




Jasmine Cameron

General Manager

Hillcrest Golf Club

P: 306-693-1921

C: 306-631-7556

December 31, 2023


Happy New Year to you all,

We would like to give you all a little update on what’s been going on with the new proposed master plan, as well as some details on what’s going to be happening over the next few months.

In October, the board met with Les Furber/GDS designs on property after both parties agreed that the old master plan was obsolete and needed some tweaking to fit the modern game. After a four-hour tour of the property, lots of ideas were shared between the board and GDS designs about some of our issues as a course, and what we would like to see in some renovations.

We received two different plans back from them at the beginning of December. The plans are a great starting point and give us a nice vision, but there are decisions that we need to make on some smaller details before finalizing a plan. As a membership, we have thousands of rounds played on property, so we are looking to our members to help make some of these decisions. The board would like to get segments of our membership together to examine some of the finer points in the plans in order to bring it to life. The four committees we would like to bring in are:


Women/Senior Women

Senior Men

Corporate Members

The committee meetings will be set for January 17th. If you are interested in offering an hour of your time to meet for some discussion and feedback please email Jas @

Thank you




October 14, 2023


Good day Members, 


Its hard to believe the season is over, although, what a great season it was!  We have one more day of play tomorrow (Sunday, October 15th) and then we will begin the process of putting the course to bed for the winter.  Sprinklers will be blown out starting Monday, all greens will be covered and tarped, and we will put everything away until next season over the course of the next two weeks.  


Please note, the compound gates will be open all next week to remove your carts and items from the sheds. If you wish to keep your cart in the compound or shed for the winter please ensure you send me an email indicating this - PLEASE BE AWARE- INSURANCE IS NOT VALID DURING THE WINTER MONTHS - if you choose to keep your cart here it is at your own expense.


We will be looking to host our annual AGM in the spring (April) and will send out information two weeks in advance to ensure all are aware of the date and time. 


ANNOUNCEMENT: We are excited to announce that we will be renting out our clubhouse facilities over the winter! The space holds/seats 80 comfortably. There will hourly and daily rates available along with add on options such as bartenders/hosts on site.  The kitchen will be available for prep and cleanup but no cooking on site.  Our venue would be great for birthday parties, Christmas gatherings, office retreats, weekly programming such as yoga classes, training sessions, and so much more!  For more information please send inquiries to


One more thing... I would like to personally thank all of you for your continuous support! We continue to work towards progress and positive changes here at the Hilly and l Iook forward to what is ahead! It was a pleasure seeing you all during the season and I was fortunate enough to be able to come back and work with/for you all!  I would also like to thank my teams in the proshop, kitchen and  maintenance! We had a great crew all around this season and it truly became evident as we provided beautiful facilities, new programming and daily customer service.  If you have any questions or concerns over the winter please don't hesitate to contact me via email or call me at the shop! Have a great off season!






Dear Hillcrest Member:


Thank you to all who attended the year end meeting, September 27th.

There was a lot of great feedback, and we will continue to have a fall meeting each year.


We wanted to give those unable to attend an idea of what is happening with the club over the winter months.


Water was a major concern at the meeting. One of the pumps at

the dam went down last year and was replaced in the spring at a cost of approximately $23,000 ($78,000 split between Lynbrook, City of MJ, and us). There is an additional pump that will require replacement in the next 10 years or so.


Our current yearly cost for water is approximately $14,000

which accounts for water consumption and maintenance to the system.

Negotiations with the city, for future years, are currently taking place, with consideration to creating an emergency fund.


There was much discussion around the Snowdy Springs Dam. Currently, there is a crack in the dam that has been there for a number of years. The city has assured us the dam is “fine” as it sits. Exploration of options to repair the dam, should its condition become urgent, will happen over the winter months, with the hope to have options presentable in the spring.


Future master planning is underway to create a roadmap for the next 10 years, guiding the board in golf course infrastructure decisions.  We are exploring costs associated with updating current infrastructure needs, and any changes needed to improve the golf course. There will be concepts created with full construction plans done over the winter. These plans will be presented in a meeting prior to the spring AGM.


GDS designs will be on site before the end of the month to assess the viability of their previous master plan. Both parties believe the old plan is outdated and will need alteration to meet the needs of golf in its current state. Currently, this is the main focus for the board at this time.


We had many engaged members at the recent meeting, a great thing to see. With the interest in the club being as high as it felt at the meeting, this is a prime time to bring up the need for members to join committees, of the type to help make our course better and to guide board decisions. The past couple of years, we have tried to reintroduce committees set out in the constitution.  Interest has been extremely low, but we hope to capitalize on the current enthusiasm, encouraging people to step forward. The committees are:


Golf Committee


Food and Beverage/Social Committee


Financial Committee


Steering Committee


If any of these opportunities interest you, please reach out and you can be added to your preferred committee. To that same point, we are also looking for a Club Captain.


These are exciting times for the club. Jasmine, Tom, and their staff have done a fantastic job in getting us to our current point of success. We are now in a position to look at opportunities for course improvements, ones which have been pushed aside for many, many years.


We believe our property, the Hillcrest Golf Club, can become a must play for golfers in our province year after year. We hope you agree.




The Hillcrest Board







**Please note, our new email address is now**


Jasmine Cameron

General Manager

Hillcrest Golf Club

P: 306-693-1921

C: 306-631-7556


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