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March 9, 2023



Please see attached information for our 2023 AGM at the Hillcrest Golf Club


A few points to note:


Date: April 12th, 7pm at the Hillcrest Clubhouse

There are two open board of director positions

Please reply to Jasmine if you will be in attendance (please register)

Please forward any additions to the agenda, questions, and nomination forms to Jasmine by April 6th


Hope to see you there!


Thank you





          Notice of AGM.                           2023 AGM Agenda.                AGM Call for Nominations.         2022 AGM Minutes





February 27, 2023

Good day members, 


I figured I would send out a quick update on a day that the sun is shinning to get your minds thinking about that first 2023 tee shot of the season at the Hilly! I hope you have all had a great winter so far, I am hoping that we have seen the last of the terribly cold temperatures and can start the count down to our opening day!


We have already been working on plans for the 2023 season with 5 full tournaments booked, new programming ideas in the works, capital projects on the table, and many more exciting things to take place! 


We are also in search of our 2023 Hillcrest team!  We have some great employees returning for the season, although, we have a few available positions that may interest you or someone you know! We are looking for cooks, proshop staff, marshals, and on course maintenance staff for the season.  For more information, please go to the saskjobs website or send a resume to Jasmine - 


Please take note of our AGM date: It will take place April 12th at 7pm at the Hillcrest Clubhouse.  All information will be sent out to membership via email by end of next week.  If any member has a suggested change or addition to our agenda or to our constitution/bylaws it must be submitted in writing/email to by April 5th at 5pm.  Discussion and membership vote will take place on all motions for change.  If you are interested in joining our board of directors there will also be a nominations form that will be in the information package sent out - if you have any questions about being a board member or what it entails please don't hesitate to reach out to Jas!


April 3rd you will be able to visit the proshop Mon-Fri to purchase your 2023 membership.  As we wait for our spring to hit, we will continue to monitor the weather to announce a potential opening date.  Just a friendly reminder that we now have PST placed on all memberships at the course as of October 1st, 2022.


I will be touching base with our corporate members over the next few weeks.  If you are a returning corporate member and have any changes to logos or suggested changes to your corporate memberships please let me know so we can get things rolling and in place for the season.  If you are looking at becoming a corporate member and would like more information please shoot me an email at - we have some great opportunities that may suit your business needs!


We look forward to getting things rolling for the 2023 season, please note, if you have any questions or concerns about the upcoming season, please don't hesitate to shoot me a message or text, I would be happy to help!


See you all soon!






December 21 2022

Hello Members, 


As 2022 comes to a close, we would like to thank all those who supported us throughout the year through membership purchases, corporate sponsorships, tournaments, restaurant/pro shop purchases, or volunteer work. Without your support we would not be able to grow the business and provide the services we do.


The golf season had nearly ideal weather for a seasonal business like ours. This year we invested in hiring more, quality staff, which certainly showed the members what the course can be like. The board is already busy getting things in place for next year. Trees were cut down beside the putting green. This will help the green thrive and alleviate any concerns with the large Elm tree breaking and falling through the maintenance shop roof. Speaking of rooftops, the Golden Ticket Sports Centre is getting a new roof. Early into the winter, the heavy snowfall caused the roof to open up and damage the new hardwood gym floor in that building. It is good to know that the city is willing to put money into maintaining that facility longer than we anticipated. The new tenants have collaborated well with us.


In the Fall we finished flattening and widening #3 and #9 blue tee boxes. We had enough volunteers to make a big project feasible in just a few hours of laying sod. The drainage valley area behind #4 green and #5 tee has been delayed because the city hasn’t had enough interest in the tendering process. The tender will be sent out again in January. Lastly, we knew that the bridge repair on #10 was going to take some time, but it has dragged on longer than expected. We have been told it will be done the first part of this Spring.


Financially, we’ve had a great season. There are some immediate needs that we must address. The pump that supplies us water from Snowdy Springs will be replaced at a shared cost to us (50/50 with Lynbrook), approximately $70,000.  To go along with that water issue, our upper holding pond damn (11th hole) has a leak in it which is reducing our holding capacity substantially. Repairs are currently being priced out and evaluated to fix the upper and lower holding ponds.


We’ve had an abnormal number of break-ins to our cart and maintenance compounds. Our security systems and fences are being improved, and at the same time we will look at ways to make the maintenance compound more secure as well.


One of the top things on our wish list for next year is improvements to our cart paths. We would like to begin the process of converting our cart paths to asphalt over several years. The board is going to identify the most important areas on the course to begin with, and slowly work through the entire course over a number of years.


We want to thank Jasmine for having her heart in our business, as she works hard to keep everything going and is always looking at making improvements. If you haven’t heard, she has been progressing well battling cancer. In between her treatments she is still working on many things to have us off to a strong start in the Spring.  We wish her the very best in her health journey.


Hiring for positions will start in February for those interested. Send resumes for all positions to




Hillcrest Board,

Yogi Arnold

Lorna Davis

Paul Dowling

Blair Gray

Chris Knoop

Brock Nelson

Marlyce Searcy

Mickey Wallace




**Please note, our new email address is now**


Jasmine Cameron

General Manager

Hillcrest Golf Club

P: 306-693-1921

C: 306-631-7556



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