August 3, 2021

Good day members, 


August has begun and we have some great things happening at the course! A quick shout out to our maintenance crew on the shape our course is in right now! They have focused on our greens, bunkers and trees to bring our course to life and it looks great! 


As a non profit organization, we both appreciate and thank our members and corporate members who continue to support us, therefore, we are putting on a members appreciation week:


August 8th - 12th we will have great deals, pop up specials, prizes and games taking place for all of you! the scheduled week is as follows:


Monday 8th

$5 Domestic Beer and Highballs

$10 Any Appy and Drink

Tuesday 9th 

$5 Domestic Beer and Highballs

Wednesday 10th 

$5 Domestic Beer and Highballs

Thursday 11th 

$5 Domestic Beer and Highballs

$10 Any Meal off of Menu!

Friday 12th 

$5 Domestic Beer and Highballs

Bring a Guest for $25 – Includes 18 and Cart

$5 Burger or Hot Dog BBQ

***20% off clothing all week! (sale clothing excluded) Every time you make a purchase during the week your name is entered in to win $200 off of your 2023 membership!


Please also take note of the following events that may interrupt play on certain days:


August 5th - Course Closed for Burns and Macdonald Tournament 

August 6th - Shriners Tournament - tee times available

August 13th - Mosaic Tournament - tee times available

August 20th - Course Closed Women "Fore" Women Tournament

August 21st - NACOP Tournament - tee times available

August 28th - Course Closed for  Broadways Lounge Tournament 


**August 26th is our next member mash up! Hope you can all get signed up and join us for a day of fun again!  This will be a 9am shot gun on this date.


Hope you are all enjoying your 2022 Golf Season! If you ever have any suggestions for improvement or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact Jas any time!


Thank you 







July 19, 2022 - Message from the Hillcrest Board

Several points worth mentioning since we haven’t updated the membership for a long time.

The course is closed today due to the amount of moisture and will be open to foot traffic first. Lots of trees to be cleaned up so please be patient when you get out there.  The quickest method of communication is on our Facebook page after rain storms etc.

We had several questions at our AGM about financials so next year we will present more information. Our financial situation has been improving over the past several years and we have been able to make some solid improvements to our infrastructure and look towards course improvements. To have our addition paid for in such a short time shows how we benefit from everyone’s support.   

You may have noticed we have been able to hire more staff; still short at times but far better than previous two years.  It has been a real challenge and hard on both Darin and Jasmine to keep things running.

We started the year with a message from the city that the main pump at Snowdy Springs quit and needed to be rebuilt. (it supplies water from a dam to Hamilton Flats ponds which then is pumped up to spring creek and feeds both the Lynbrook golf course, Hillcrest and about 15 beaver dams along the way.  They have been excellent at providing a temporary portable pump and keeping up to our requirements during the dry cycle.

The city is also engineering the spillway between 4th green/5th tee box and no update on when that project will happen.

The area around 8th green to 9th tee box is roped off to be seeded again  (it is a follow-up from the storm sewer project).

The replacement of the main irrigation line solved many problems. Darin said it stopped 7 leaks and at the same time many updates to the irrigation wiring were done.  

The bridge on hole 10 broke while the contractors hydro-vac machine drove over the bridge.  They don’t feel responsible, but insurance companies will figure that out (it was strong enough for our Bobcat to drive over). In the short term we contacted several members as we analyzed options for the temporary bridge to make it safe to golf and to stop the damage while being re-routed. The bridge will be back in the original position when completed.

The maintenance staff have a few requests.  Please wait for their equipment to finish working or until they wave you forward.  Even our volunteer/members were involved with balls hitting at them while moving large equipment across fairways. When you see puddles, please drive through them slowly versus around them to prevent more pathway damage. Staff have focused on repairing the bunkers/greens and appreciate the compliments and also appreciate when you fix your ball marks. Next they are going to work on par 3 tee boxes.

The 18th tee box has been aerated and re-seeded.  We have also sprayed for weeds on tee boxes.

We have had numerous break-ins this year. A person in a hoodie was comfortable enough to use bolt cutters on the cart compound gate. After replacing the lock to a stronger one, he just cut a hole through the fence. The easily accessed sheds have now been upgraded to proper doors and the lighting in the compound was all replaced with LED.  The compound is really lit up at night now. One person was charged but we have multiple crooks visiting us.  Most recently the beer shack on the 4th hole was broken into via the roof rafters.  The police have done a soft investigation (fingerprints). Learning: If they see an opportunity they aren’t scared and trying to survive, so don’t tempt them anywhere.

We truly appreciate everyone’s contributions to our course.  Things like having work meetings, socials, painting, planters, tree cutting, gopher control and general cleanup daily all contribute to having a better golf course.


As board members and staff, your feedback is appreciated. However, we ask that you email us your concerns and suggestions rather than stopping us while we are trying to enjoy our golf game.








July 11, 2022

Good day members, 


Can you believe it is middle of July? This means we still have 96 glorious days to golf this season :)


We have had lots going on here at the course over the past few weeks hosting Mosaic, K+S, SaskPower, Nutrien, and the Warriors for tourneys that were a huge success for the course and those participating! We have also continued with our men's night, ladies, and Sr men's leagues and closed out our Junior Program for the season.


Before I move into the updates I would like to start out by saying how proud I am of our team (both inside and outside) at the Hilly this summer and would like to personally commend their hard work and continuous efforts to offer great daily customer service along with giving me support during the large events we have could not be done without them!


The weeks ahead will include some smaller events and tournaments from some great community partners and we will close out the month of July with our Member Mash Up on the 29th alongside another major Tournament with Prairie Hockey Academy.  Please note, you will see a large tent set up on the first tee on the 23rd of July for the tourney, it will not effect play...just might be an additional structure to avoid on your 17th hole tee shot hehe.


We are also honoured to be hosting a come and go celebration of life for one of our long time members, Mr Bob Calvert on July 24th from 1-4pm.  This will be a time to reminisce and celebrate Bob. If interested or if you are looking for further information please don't hesitate to see Jasmine in the proshop.


Some dates to remember:


July 16th - Murray Stroeder Tournament - All are welcome to join - register in proshop

July 23rd - Smith Stag and Fine Line Tournament - tee times limited

July 24th - Bob Calvert Memorial

July 25th - Prairie Hockey Academy Course Closed

August 5th - Burns and Mac Tourney Course Closed

August 6th - Shriners Tourney Course Closed in the Morning - later tee times available

August 13th - Mosaic tournament course Closed afternoon

August 20th - Women fore Women Tourney Course Closed


Finally, I would like to thank all of you who continue to support us at the course. I am reminded daily that if you love what you do, and you take the time to acknowledge those who create a positive daily experience; genuinely and often, great things will happen! Cheers and enjoy the month of July!








June 1, 2022

Good day members, 


Crazy to think that we are already in June with over a month of golf under our belts already! The season had a bit of a slow start with the unpredictable weather, although, it looks like things are now improving so bring on the heat!


We now have all of our programs and events in full swing:


9 and Dine is every Thursday ($50) includes 9 holes, cart and a meal - Members can just pay the $15 for the meal


Our Junior Program is in full swing with over 40 participants - a big shout out to our volunteer coaches - Chris Knoop, Lorie Boyle, & Mickey Wallace!


We hosted our first Member Mash Up and what a fun day it was!  Thank you to everyone who participated and we look forward to our next one this month on June 24th! Get signed up in the proshop!


We have several tournaments booked during the month of June, please note that many are just tee times with just one needing the course to be closed. Tournaments are a crucial part of our operations here at the course and we do our best to accommodate our members around them, therefore, please inquire at the proshop if there are tee times available around them or if you are able to get out before a shot gun! 


June 11th – K+S Contractors Tourney

June 14th & 15th – Saskpower Retirees

June 18th – Gibsons Tournament

June 23rd – Nutrien Tournament

June 25th – Mosaic Tournament (Course Closed)


PLEASE NOTE: Our irrigation upgrade project begins MONDAY JUNE 6th.  There will be disruption to the lower holes as they pull/replace the lines from June 6th - June 10th with some holes turning into par 3s for a day or two, we will do our best not to have any holes closed during the project but please be aware of potential disruptions.


We look forward to what is ahead for the month of June!


Happy Golfing everyone!




May 9, 2022

  • Men's Nights begin May 18th

  • Shot gun starts: May 3:30pm, June-August 4:00pm & September 3:30pm starts

  • Club Championships will be held September 10-11th.

  • 9 & Dine is back... Every Thursday from 3:30 - 5:30 PM

  • Check out the "Calendar" link for more events.



April 27, 2022

Good day all!


The date has been set and we are ready to get the 2022 season rolling! first tee times on Wednesday, May 4th will begin at 8am until the weather continues to warm up and light becomes more available!


Just a reminder, to have online booking privileges your 2022 membership must be paid up!


See you all soon!






**Please note, our new email address is now**


Jasmine Cameron

General Manager

Hillcrest Golf Club

P: 306-693-1921

C: 306-631-7556