April 6, 2021

Good Day All!


We will be having our annual Hillcrest Clean Up day Wednesday, April 14th at 1pm.  We will be providing bags and carts for use, please bring your personal gloves, rakes and masks for the cleanup.


If you are planning to join please shoot me a message back so we can keep track of all those in attendance.


Your help and pride in our course is very much appreciated and we thank all those who help out with the clean up and look forward to a great 2021 season!


Thank you  and see you all soon!







March 22, 2021


Good day,


I apologize for the late update on what the 2021 season is going to look like and what to expect as we prepare to get out on the links….we were waiting for the green light from our Government and Health Authorities and we are now able to plan the season opening date based on weather cooperation with no late opening dates announced for the season!


As I am sure everyone is aware, there will still be restrictions in place which will be received from government hopefully this week.  We will have them posted at the course, along with on our website and social media for your review. We anticipate the restrictions being loosened as we see the vaccinations roll out and with everyone’s cooperation in fighting the pandemic.  At the end of last season we were able to have 2 riders on carts, food and beverage services available, cash payments and use of club storage.  Please note, as of right now, tee times will remain at 10min intervals, a maximum of 4 people seated at restaurant tables in the clubhouse, no walk up bookings, and no shot gun starts will be some of the major ones remaining in place to begin the season. 


Please note: We have a new booking/cancellation/no show policy in place.  There will be no single bookings online, you must call the proshop to make reservations and we will fit you in where times are available.  We also would like to suggest that twosomes try to book with two others as we would like to maximize our available tee times during the day.  The attached policy must be signed by all members prior to the first round of the season, it outlines all steps around no shows and no cancellations.  Please know that we understand that things pop up every now and then and we will not penalize those who communicate with us when this may occur, we are again trying to maximize all available tee times so everyone has a chance to golf at preferred times.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time.


I have also attached our 2021 season membership fees and rates.  The board chose to freeze the rates from the suggested increase in 2020, therefore, there was a 0% increase this season.  Please note, if you choose to pay with credit there will be a 3% overall charge on the total.  We are able to offer the half cart seat rentals this year with no potential interruption of service as we are able to place two riders on each cart again. There continues to be no “Full Membership” as we are unable to open the range again for the 2021 season-we have had another blow to the course with substantial damage to the poles and netting on the range during the terrible wind storm early in the new year and the cost to repair is far greater than the return.  Our first tee warm up nets will again be available to all members for warm up.


I would like to personally thank all of our corporate sponsors who have joined us for the 2021 season! The support we receive from our sponsors provides us with amazing community partnerships and positive outlooks on the future.  We have opportunities available for advertising and sponsorship, if you are interested please contact me at any time.


At this time our hours of operation continue to be limited to Monday-Friday 9am-12pm.  As we move into the middle of April these will change and will be posted on our website.  Please feel free to email or call with any inquiries.  If you wish to get into the compound I can be available to do so outside of the listed hours by texting me @ 631-7556.


We have been working on some priority areas for course/facility improvement the 2021 season, some which include, cart paths, tee boxes, tree planting and clubhouse improvements.  We will continue to do what our budget and time restraints allow us to do annually and welcome feedback on what you may see as possible projects to be discussed and evaluated for future projects. ***As I am sure most of you have noticed, the work on hole 8/9 is almost completed (City) and it is now in the stages of being put back together.  We understand that this wont happen over night and we will be working closely with the City and the contractor to restore it back to its original state.  Please bear with us during the season as there may be some detours as the areas are growing back.


Men’s nights, Sr Men’s and Ladies leagues are being discussed for this season.  We are hoping to get creative and welcome the leagues back for the 2021 season, if you are interested in volunteering for any league please contact me.


Overall, we are looking at a great season! We want to get everyone back out on the course and doing something safe and healthy during the summer!  We will continue to offer healthy and safe facilities for our golfers and will strive to provide all of our users the best possible experience here at the Hilly!  See you all soon!





**Please note, our new email address is now**


Jasmine Cameron

General Manager

Hillcrest Golf Club

P: 306-693-1921

C: 306-631-7556


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