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August 23, 2023

Good day members, 


Please note: As you may have noticed, it is quite the detour to get to the course right now... from what we are told, the work is scheduled to be completed by this Friday. Please take those few extra minutes to ensure you are here on time for your tee time.


The mixed provincial championships are taking place this weekend.  If you are interested in volunteering for the event please arrive at 9am.  We are in need of spotters and cart valet drivers from the parking lot.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask Jas.


Weather is a driving force of our operations here at the course.  As we found out today, when there is rain that leaves high amounts of standing water, carts are not able to go out until our Superintendent feels it is good to go.  We also had cart path only the previous day, signs were posted, our starter mentioned it to all those going out and we still watched many drive right up the first hole after being told.  Our superintendent makes these decisions to protect our course, not to upset those who wish to play.....please don't get frustrated with our staff as they are doing what has been told to them.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation on this. We will communicate these closures on our facebook page, and please feel free to call in and check when you notice that we have had inclement weather. 


As we move into our final weeks of our season you will notice that our starting tee times will begin to change.  We run on sunrise and sunset for our hours of operation.  If you have any questions on when scheduled changes will take place please feel free to call the proshop.


We just had our greens aerated by the Dryject system.  This is new for our course and has proven to be a great option as the greens have already started to recover! We continue to try new things at the course for future improvements.


Just another reminder, Mon-Wed we will have grab and go items in the clubhouse.  This includes: sandwiches, salads, veggie trays, baking, hot dogs.... and all beverage service. Thursday-Sunday will be full menu.  Come and enjoy a snack with us after your round!


We are still looking for greeters and marshals to close out our season.  If anyone is interested, please talk to Jas.


Hope you are all enjoying the 2023 season!






August 14, 2023

Good day members, 


Please note some changes happening at the course:

 Monday - Wednesdays our clubhouse/kitchen will be grab and go items only.  We will have beverages, sandwiches, hotdogs, salads, veggies and dip, cheese//crackers/meat, muffins and goodies available.  Our menu will be available Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays from 10am-6pm. We thank you for your understanding as we navigate through our shortage in staff both in the clubhouse and in our proshop.  Please let me know if any of you have interest in working with us at the Hilly in any capacity!


Just a reminder as we are in the final months of the season that we require all tabs in the clubhouse to be used up by the end of season as we do not transfer them over to the next year.  Please stop in or give us a call to see what you are at on your tab!


We are still looking for personal carts to use during our mixed provincials August 26/27.  If you are able to offer your cart for the two day event we would take great care of it and clean it up after the event! Please talk to Jas!


Just a reminder of our tournaments coming up:

August 19th - Women fore Women - Course Closed

August 26/27 - Mixed Provincials

Sept 2nd - Labour Day - Course Closed

Sept 9/10 - Club Championships 

Sept 15th - Kerry Depape Tourney Course Closed 

Sept 16th - Broadway Lounge Course Closed 

Sept 23rd - Superintendents Revenge Tourney Course Closed

Sept 29th - AAA Warriors Course Closed

Sept 30 - Yara Tournament 


Don't forget to get signed up for our club championships as well as our first annual superintendents revenge tourney!


Hope you are all having a fantastic season!





August 2, 2023

Good day members, 


How is it August already? We continue to see great weather, which in turn means great days for golf!


We have a busy month ahead here at the course with 5 tournaments booked:


August 12th - Mosaic full tournament - shot gun at 11am

August 13th - ANCOP - morning tee times (everyone is welcome to join the tourney)

August 18th - Fine Line Builders afternoon tee times

August 19th - Women "Fore" Women - Shot gun 10am Course Closed

August 26th - Mixed Provincial Championships - Tee times all morning

August 27th - Mixed Provincial Championships - Shot gun 9am (course open in afternoon)


We are excited to host the mixed provincial championships at the end of August! 

**We are looking for volunteers for the two day event (spotters, registration, set up, and carting people in from the parking lot.....if you are interested please sign up in proshop or talk to Jas! 

** WE ARE ALSO LOOKING FOR MEMBER CARTS TO USE FOR THE EVENT - WE ARE IN NEED OF 12 CARTS FOR THE TWO DAYS. (please let Jas know if you would be open to the use of your cart for the two days - we will wash and fill your tank for you when finished on Sunday) 

**We are also looking for sponsors for the event - (hole in one sponsors for both days on any/all par 3's) please talk to Jas if interested!


Please note: When there are tournaments booked please check in with the proshop to see if you are able to go out before or after - we will accommodate as much as possible, although, please understand that it takes time to set up, clean up and stage carts which is why we make the closure decisions.


We have a couple of exciting new tools in the proshop which I am sure everyone would like to give a try! We have two divot repair tools for people to take out during their round! Every time you take one out (and use it of course) we will enter your name into a draw for a great prize at the end of the season! come on into the proshop today to grab one!!


We have had some questions on advance bookings.  We book in advance for tournaments, special events and out of town players within a two week window.  This allows us to schedule accordingly and offer great golf to those joining us from out of town. 


Mark your calendars for SEPTEMBER 23rd! We are hosting our first SUPERINTENDENTS REVENGE TOURNEY! Our superintendent Tom will be creating fun obstacles, crazy pin placements, and challenging shots to really make the round one to remember! We hope that our membership supports this fun tourney as we hope to continue with it for years to come!


We have two major projects that will begin in October, we will see our bridge on hole ten being replaced - plans are in place and the design will allow us to utilize the existing entry and exit over our creek.  we will also be putting up a chain link fence all along the north side of our course. It will begin at the 16th green and run all along to the back of 14th green.  This will help with garbage that comes over from the adjacent businesses along with deterring individuals from walking across the course during play. 


Finally, we are looking for a couple of people to join our team until the end of the season in the proshop and the kitchen, if interested please talk to Jas!


Hope you are all having a great season!





July 12, 2023

Good day members, 


Can you believe we are almost half way through the 2023 season? And what a beautiful season we have had so far!  The weather has been great, the wind has cooperated for the most part and our course is coming along quite nice!


As many of you may have noticed, our maintenance crew have been diligently working on areas of the course that need attention.  Please understand that we are aware of a few our our greens that are struggling to come back from weathering poorly along with a new beetle that has found its home on several of the greens. We have also continued to try leaving our rough a bit longer this season (at the request of several members) and it seems to be going over well!


We continue to host several large tournaments, the last one being the Warrior Tourney! It was a great success and we look forward to the next one coming up - Prairie Hockey Academy.  If at any time you are interested in registering for any of the scheduled tourneys here at the Hilly please inquire at the front desk! 


I would like to send a shout out to many of you who have been great advocates for our course both at the club along with out in the community.  We have seen so many of you pair up with other twosomes and show them a great time while golfing out on the course and I have heard some great feedback from those in our community on our initiatives such as the women for women scholarships being handed out and our partnerships we have here at the course.  It is so great being a part of a golf community who takes pride in their course and welcomes all those who join us here at the Hilly!


Now for the exciting stuff!! I would like to highlight and show our appreciation to all of our members here at the Hilly! With your continuous support and annual membership we are able to flourish and grow as a club to improve our programs and facilities for years to come! With that being said we will have:




Pick up your info sheet in the proshop next time you are in so you can take part in all of the fun specials and events over the course of the week! 


July 25-29


Tuesday: Bring a guest for $25 (Includes Cart)


Wednesday:  Complimentary Christmas Cookies and Coffee, $5.00 BURGERS


Thursday: Ugly Christmas Sweater Day – Prizes, Christmas Bingo/Prizes, 2 for 1 highballs


Friday: Mistletoe Mashup 8am shot gun (decorate carts for prizes!) – Free Lunch for Members after round


Saturday: Bring a guest for $25, half prices appies


All clothing in the proshop will be 25% off for members during the week! Don’t forget to get signed up for the mash up with a partner!



I hope you are all having a fantastic golf season! If you ever have any feedback or questions/concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me at any time!



Just a note: we are looking for volunteers for some upcoming projects out on the course, if you are interested in lending a hand, please contact me!







June 16, 2023


Good day members, 


We are a month an a half into our 2023 season and what a beautiful start we have had!  The weather has been unreal, hopefully the score on your card is starting to improve, and the mosquitos continue to be hungry out on the course so pack that spray!


We have started with our tournament schedule, seeing a great turn out for the first annual jumpstart fundraiser tournament last week and moving into a Friday and Saturday this week full of tourney play put on by Burns and Mac power plant and Mosaic Refinery!  


As I am sure many have noticed, a couple of our greens are struggling with winter kill and overuse. We have Tom and his crew working hard to bring our greens back to tip top shape and they have plans in place to both monitor and fix the issues that arise (vented 7 and 12 greens and over-seeded both of them.  Next step would be verticut and overdress if this doesn’t work)   We have also had some feedback on our rough areas out on the course. At the AGM it was discussed that we grow our rough a bit longer and it has proven to be both aesthetically beneficial and create a bit more of a challenge to our players. Red stakes have been put up along hole #11 to support pace of play - hoping people will play accordingly to where their ball lands. We are always open to suggestions and will work together to make appropriate changes out on the course!


We are now 4 weeks into leagues being up and running! Things are going well – if anyone is interested in joining either the Sr Men’s or Ladies leagues please contact the proshop and we can get you set up! We are also looking for more participation in our Men’s night play! We want to hear from those who have played in the past and no longer play or those who have been thinking about playing on what you would like to see in our men’s night league to bring you back or to have you join!  Don’t hesitate to come in and discuss as well!


PLEASE NOTE: As of July 3rd  we will be asking for a drs note to support the use of our handicap flags. Please speak with Jas in regards to this process if you are interested in being placed on the list of individuals who require a flag.  We thank you for your cooperation with this process and trust that we can accommodate everyone’s needs.


Don’t forget to join us in the clubhouse for some delicious menu items!  We have daily specials and many great options for everyone!


We have started our cart path project and will be doing sections around the course over the season.  We are focusing on our priority areas and will continue to improve our facilities along the way!  We apologize for any disruption these upgrades may cause but thank you for your understanding.


Hope you are all having a fantastic season!





May 1, 2023

Good day members!


The weather has cooperated and we have set an opening date!  May 8th - our first tee time will begin at 8am!


Please note, you will be unable to book five days in advance and will not have online booking privileges without having your membership paid in full. The proshop will be open Monday-Friday 9am-4pm and Saturday and Sunday 10-2pm!


We will be using the same booking app as last year, please come in if you have any questions on how to use the app.  If you have not received your login information please contact the proshop  


The kitchen will be open for business starting Monday from 10am-6pm daily!  Come and try some of our new menu items and a cold one to celebrate the opening week!


We are working with our team on training this week, please understand that we have new employees joining us this season, therefore, give them some time to meet everyone...come on in to the proshop to say hi!  They will also be working to provide optimal customer service for all of our members and public players. 


Leagues will be starting up over the next few weeks, please inquire at the desk if you would like more information on how to join one of our leagues or would like to volunteer to help.


We look forward to an awesome season and can't wait to see you all on the first tee!






April 26, 2023 

Good day members,

We are still planning on going ahead with our annual course clean up this Sunday, April 30th starting at 10am. There is lots to do as Mother Nature has not been cooperating with us so far. We do ask that you bring your own gloves and rakes, we will supply the garbage bags and carts to get around.


Please call the Pro Shop to let us know if you are willing and able to help us get the course on its way to looking great for the season. Thank you in advance to all of those who plan on coming! We couldn't do what we do without our awesome volunteers :)



Thank you,



April 20, 2023

Good day members, 


The 2023 season is right around the corner, unfortunately Mother Nature chose to prolong our winter, although, we are behind the scenes getting ready for when that sun starts to shine!


Some housekeeping items to take note of:


*Our leagues will run again this season, please check in at the proshop for the Senior Men's and Ladies league start dates.  Men's Night will start May 24th.


*We have several tournaments and events booked at the course already, some dates to keep in mind for closures/partial day closures are:


May 27th - Mosaic Tournament 

June 1st - Canadian Tire Jumpstart Tournament 

June 16th - Burns and Mac Tournament 

June 24th - Bathune Bulldogs Tournament 

July 7th - MJ Warriors Tournament 

July 24th - Prairie Hockey Academy Tournament 

August 19th - Women fore Women Tournament 

August 25, 26, 27th - Mixed Provincial Championships

Sept 2nd - Labour Day Tournament 

Sept 9/10 - Club Championships

Sept 15th - Kerry Depape Tournament 


*We will be running our Members Mash up shot guns every last Friday of the month again, hoping everyone can join in the fun! Guests and public players are welcome!


*Please note, memberships must be paid in full to have access to our online booking system.  We are open in the proshop Monday-Friday from 9am-2pm daily (until opening day of season) to purchase your membership or to stop in and say hi! 


*We have added some great menu items this season, we hope that our members and guests can join us in the clubhouse for some great food and beverages over the season.  A new item we are bringing in is a Monthly Member Burger - where you can submit your gourmet masterpiece along with a catchy name for the burger of the month....we will pull one each month and offer it up on the menu for everyone to enjoy! Our hours of operation in the kitchen will be daily from 10am-6pm!


*We are hosting the Mixed Provincial Championships this season and will be looking for volunteers to help out on the organizing committee!  A great opportunity to get involved in an exciting event!  Please let Amber of Jas know if you are interested in helping out!


*We will be having our annual clean up day April 30th starting at 10am.  Please call the proshop to let us know if you are able to join us in helping make our course look great! We ask that you bring rakes and gloves...carts and bags will be provided to you for the clean up day!  Thank you to everyone who will be helping out, this is a huge help for us to kick start the season!


*Our Junior Program will be running again this year with three great coaches (Chris Knoop, Mickey Wallace and Lorie Boyle).  The program will run from May 25th - June 29th). Ages 6-14 can sign up, give us a call to get registered as we fill up fast!


We are very much looking forward to what the 2023 season has in store! We have an awesome team both in the prohsop and clubhouse along with our crew out on the course! Please take note, I will be away as of April 24th for a few weeks for some health reasons, but I plan on rocking my treatment and getting back to the course for the remainder of the season!  In my place I have some great people stepping up to help, Amber will be taking on additional administrative duties along with a larger role in the proshop, Julie will be stepping into some scheduling and training areas to get the season started off right, Sheila will be handling the kitchen and all of delicious food coming out, and many others will be taking on additional duties to continue with our great customer service here at the course! We will also see Darin take a bit of a step back from the course over the season as he has also had some unexpected family health issues arise.  Tommy will be stepping into a larger role and will keep the course maintenance rolling !


We thank you all for your understanding as we work towards getting the 2023 up and running! Lots of information to process :), if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me!


Hope everyone had a great winter...see you soon!





February 27, 2023

Good day members, 


I figured I would send out a quick update on a day that the sun is shinning to get your minds thinking about that first 2023 tee shot of the season at the Hilly! I hope you have all had a great winter so far, I am hoping that we have seen the last of the terribly cold temperatures and can start the count down to our opening day!


We have already been working on plans for the 2023 season with 5 full tournaments booked, new programming ideas in the works, capital projects on the table, and many more exciting things to take place! 


We are also in search of our 2023 Hillcrest team!  We have some great employees returning for the season, although, we have a few available positions that may interest you or someone you know! We are looking for cooks, proshop staff, marshals, and on course maintenance staff for the season.  For more information, please go to the saskjobs website or send a resume to Jasmine - 


Please take note of our AGM date: It will take place April 12th at 7pm at the Hillcrest Clubhouse.  All information will be sent out to membership via email by end of next week.  If any member has a suggested change or addition to our agenda or to our constitution/bylaws it must be submitted in writing/email to by April 5th at 5pm.  Discussion and membership vote will take place on all motions for change.  If you are interested in joining our board of directors there will also be a nominations form that will be in the information package sent out - if you have any questions about being a board member or what it entails please don't hesitate to reach out to Jas!


April 3rd you will be able to visit the proshop Mon-Fri to purchase your 2023 membership.  As we wait for our spring to hit, we will continue to monitor the weather to announce a potential opening date.  Just a friendly reminder that we now have PST placed on all memberships at the course as of October 1st, 2022.


I will be touching base with our corporate members over the next few weeks.  If you are a returning corporate member and have any changes to logos or suggested changes to your corporate memberships please let me know so we can get things rolling and in place for the season.  If you are looking at becoming a corporate member and would like more information please shoot me an email at - we have some great opportunities that may suit your business needs!


We look forward to getting things rolling for the 2023 season, please note, if you have any questions or concerns about the upcoming season, please don't hesitate to shoot me a message or text, I would be happy to help!


See you all soon!






December 21 2022

Hello Members, 


As 2022 comes to a close, we would like to thank all those who supported us throughout the year through membership purchases, corporate sponsorships, tournaments, restaurant/pro shop purchases, or volunteer work. Without your support we would not be able to grow the business and provide the services we do.


The golf season had nearly ideal weather for a seasonal business like ours. This year we invested in hiring more, quality staff, which certainly showed the members what the course can be like. The board is already busy getting things in place for next year. Trees were cut down beside the putting green. This will help the green thrive and alleviate any concerns with the large Elm tree breaking and falling through the maintenance shop roof. Speaking of rooftops, the Golden Ticket Sports Centre is getting a new roof. Early into the winter, the heavy snowfall caused the roof to open up and damage the new hardwood gym floor in that building. It is good to know that the city is willing to put money into maintaining that facility longer than we anticipated. The new tenants have collaborated well with us.


In the Fall we finished flattening and widening #3 and #9 blue tee boxes. We had enough volunteers to make a big project feasible in just a few hours of laying sod. The drainage valley area behind #4 green and #5 tee has been delayed because the city hasn’t had enough interest in the tendering process. The tender will be sent out again in January. Lastly, we knew that the bridge repair on #10 was going to take some time, but it has dragged on longer than expected. We have been told it will be done the first part of this Spring.


Financially, we’ve had a great season. There are some immediate needs that we must address. The pump that supplies us water from Snowdy Springs will be replaced at a shared cost to us (50/50 with Lynbrook), approximately $70,000.  To go along with that water issue, our upper holding pond damn (11th hole) has a leak in it which is reducing our holding capacity substantially. Repairs are currently being priced out and evaluated to fix the upper and lower holding ponds.


We’ve had an abnormal number of break-ins to our cart and maintenance compounds. Our security systems and fences are being improved, and at the same time we will look at ways to make the maintenance compound more secure as well.


One of the top things on our wish list for next year is improvements to our cart paths. We would like to begin the process of converting our cart paths to asphalt over several years. The board is going to identify the most important areas on the course to begin with, and slowly work through the entire course over a number of years.


We want to thank Jasmine for having her heart in our business, as she works hard to keep everything going and is always looking at making improvements. If you haven’t heard, she has been progressing well battling cancer. In between her treatments she is still working on many things to have us off to a strong start in the Spring.  We wish her the very best in her health journey.


Hiring for positions will start in February for those interested. Send resumes for all positions to




Hillcrest Board,

Yogi Arnold

Lorna Davis

Paul Dowling

Blair Gray

Chris Knoop

Brock Nelson

Marlyce Searcy

Mickey Wallace




**Please note, our new email address is now**


Jasmine Cameron

General Manager

Hillcrest Golf Club

P: 306-693-1921

C: 306-631-7556


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